One man alone cannot fight the future


movie scene The X-Files: Fight the Future opened in theaters on June 19th, 1998. The plot of the movie centers around the appearance and cover-up of a deadly virus of possible extraterrestrial origin which could destroy all life on Earth. With the help of a paranoid doctor and an unexpected sympathizer from the Consortium, Mulder and Scully follow every lead to unearth the truth, even when it endangers their very lives.

The film was well-received by fans and is most notable for the famous hallway scene where shippers worldwide held their breath in anticipation of that very first kiss between the two heroes. Alas! It didn't happen. Damn bee!

The estimated budget for the film was $66,000,000 and the latest worldwide gross earnings were over $189,000,000. Not too shabby for a movie that only had 3 months to be filmed - from June 16th, 1997 thru September 20th, 1997. Filming locations included Dallas, Texas and London, England with principal locations in California and British Columbia, Canada.

The storyline of the film takes place in between The End, the last episode of Season 5 and The Beginning, the first episode of Season 6. The movie was actually filmed while the show was on hiatus between the fourth and fifth seasons and re-shoots were conducted while filming the fifth season.


Cherish the past. Enjoy the present. Fight the future.
One man alone cannot Fight the Future.
Take your greatest fear and multiply it by X.
Trust no one, Mr. Mulder.

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